It's all about the fun

Everyone needs to create a career they love, enjoy and have fun doing. The ups and downs of a photography assignment can be stressful and like a roller coaster ride.  When you and your team find the right synergy, you can make your assignments joyful, energizing and satisfying during the process (especially on set), the entire crew works more efficiently, and creativity flows much better.

I have not met the challenges of a stressful shoot. In fact, I work especially well under pressure. However, working in an environment of whimsy, lighthearted fun puts clients at ease. However, you have to find a team who can be those things while remaining devoted to their professionalism and can deliver a good product. Everyone needs to have fun and enjoy their experience. So as the lead photographer, crew captain, if you will, I encourage my colleagues to stretch their creativity, firmly maintain their professionalism, but to function with clients in a fun warm and sometimes silly way as long as it helps produce the best product for the customer.

That way the crew looks forward to working with me again. Moreover, most importantly a client who continues to collaborate with me because they know I can handle the pressures, deliver what is needed and have fun during that creative process. I prefer to hang out with fun and active people. So, I create an environment oozing with fun and positivity.

One way I enjoy creating fun is at the end of my assignments I always take a crew photo that is silly and lets us all let loose a bit.