Follow your heart

As photographers, we have the opportunity to follow our heart! For me, working from a heart space brings out my greatest moments of creativity and inspiration. Many of us have heard the metaphor of following your gut. Gut or heart, there are moments of pull and inspiration that when you lead with them and not logic, bring about magical results.

One day I got a call from a new client. They had followed my promotions and wanted to change the way they created multi-media pieces based on what I was creating. The client offered incentive the potential of many more assignments if it worked out well. 

Photographers hear we have heard that story before. "Lower your price, and I will give you lots of assignments." What caught my attention is this particular never said to lower my price. Just a small mention this may lead into something much larger. The client was different from many others because the emphasis was on success and changing the conceptual way his company created these multimedia pieces. This customer, by not asking me to give away my products talents and services gained my immediate attention.

Right away the assignment had some complications, and I became aware this was a potentially regrettable arrangement. However, in the end, I persevered and after I iron out details and formulate a new concept in my head and on paper for my proposal. The lesson for me is although suggested to me to walk away from 2 different photographers whom I respect and call from time-to-time for their perspective. I stayed with it because something intangible, something in my heart said it was right. To the credit of my colleagues, although they cautioned me, that both encouraged me to follow my heart. just be careful because they did not want to see me dig myself into a hole. The assignment/concept had a few red flags of potential difficulties, and they pointed those out.

Again with my heart motivating me to continue, I wanted to see how it played out. I felt some fear. However, I also felt it was something I wanted and needed to do. In Big Magic, Elizabeth Gilbert says that "Fear is always triggered by creativity. Because fear asks you to enter into realms of uncertain outcome. And fear hates uncertain outcome. This is nothing to be ashamed of, it is however something to be dealt with." Feeling fear for an assignment can be a good energy to help me succeed beyond expectations, and I use it to my advantage.

I ironed out the details of the concept and how to execute it. I made my proposal, and we shot the 1-day assignment. I have completed 100+ assignments for them. It is a treasured client and relationship. They challenge me; I suggest creative ideas they often enthusiastically, sometimes cautiously but trustingly, accept and I have produced a body of work I am very proud of. Of course, it has also turned into a profitable client.

In this case, I am glad I listened to my heart and gut and followed through.