Clean House and Bask in Your Glow of Successes

Ever since middle school, I have created business plans. As a photographer, I review and rework my plan of activities for the year. It helps to guide me to where I wanted to go. I no longer create a formal business plan.

I spend much time soul searching my vision of Indermaur Media and planning its future. I research, conversations with professionals in different industries, explore where to take Indermaur Media and anticipate how I will personally grow and market my business to get where I want to be. Although it has made a concentrated effort and focused time, I have a clear and decisive vision of the path I see for Indermaur Media. I always stay fluid and open to new and unanticipated changes, but at this point, I can articulate my road forward

My initial action steps are to build a new Indermaur Media website. I have created many websites over the years by myself or by hiring a professional web designer. I am a firm believer in outsourcing to experts. I prefer to have more time to focus on my clients, grow my photography skills, and have down time to reflect and enjoy life. 

I have decided to create my website using Squarespace without professional outsourcing. While I can create a site rather quickly, I devoted a week to developing it. That process, because I did the development myself allowed me to utilize my previous site's content as a guideline. I learned the following by migrating my original site to square space.

  • I became reacquainted with projects and experiences that were both successful and rewarding. I felt joy and a sense of achievement over work with meaningful photography and video. This process was inspiring and empowering as I reflected on my journey from my start to now.
  • This process allowed me to identify the gaps in my portfolio and where I need to focus.
  • I added more content and depth to my new site in response to my intensive focus on the look and feel of a new website and revamped the brand.
  • I took action on my vision for my new website and then I was inspired with new ideas because I was 100% focused on this visual outlet to showcase my creative work.

With this phase completed, I have now been outsourcing a few task to bring it to the next level and achieve my vision. I am not an expert in all fields, and outside vendors can save time and money with superb results.

  • An expert in SEO - Search Engine Optimization
  • A writer/editor to rewrite my bio and review all the remaining copy.
  • A designer to review my website. Fonts, flow, colors and other aspects a designer will recognize on a more critical level than myself.
  • A visual editor to help me fine tune my visual assets, photography, and video. One that is truthful on what is working and what is not.

Many photographers are independent and choose to be the jack of all trades. I suggest it is best to complete the task, even when it may be a bit overwhelming. Also, recognize when you need support as I did with SEO, writing, design and even editing of my imagery. 

A website design is a great project to dive into when you are between assignments and haven't made any major overhauls in the past year. Make sure you feel the positive feelings as you do this. It will always help with attracting more work and may create a buzz that brings in additional work.