Creatively Stretch Yourself

I have wanted to do more time lapses and experiment with some different techniques. However, I typically have resistance because of my everyday grind of Administrative work and assignments. If an idea highly inspires me, it is easier to go forward with it.

My assistant, Nonni and I decided we just need to do a time-lapse of my camera equipment going into the camera bag. A simple idea, though I felt it would be a good exercise to learn some new techniques. I debated a tad over doing this because I did not want to spend a day on what I was considering a dull creative project. 

We decided just to go ahead and film it. It ended up being an excellent learning experience on many levels.

First, we discussed how we would approach this project. Do we do a traditional time-lapse with a photo every half second (or an alternative formula we decide)? Alternatively, do we create a video and speed it up. This creative process drove us to have a discussion and watch examples online of different time-lapse approaches or styles.

Then we decided to make sure it will fit a square format and needed to figure out how to frame it up and make it look good as I pack all the equipment back into the bag. We even considered the color of the pants I was wearing.

After that, we had realized we could not use my cameras because they needed to be part of the video. So, that left us with my iPhone or my DJI Osmo Pro. We decided the Osmo for several reasons. The main reason is it is a new piece of equipment, and we can learn the camera while finishing a project maximizing our efforts. 

We made these decisions, set it up, shot it and processed it in FinalCut and posted it to Instagram in less than 2-hours.

Also, we learned:

  1. An experienced an oversight with the ND filter on our Osmo and the exposure confusion it caused for a bit. I do not use filters on my cameras, so it was a new thing to remember if the filter is on or off.
  2. Became more familiar with the Osmo's menu system and quicker at using it.
  3. Mounting the Osmo in a different way I had not tried.
  4. A different time-lapse technique I had not done.
  5. We had fun going through the creative process
  6. Worked on a non-iPhone workflow on doing a quick video, processing it and posting it

It was well worth the time, and it was a blast creating it. I have a friend who told me he never has time to learn because they are too busy in the production studio to play and experiment. I find experimenting is critical to growth, even a simple exercise like putting cameras in my camera bag. Now is the time for you to expand your creative growth. What do you do?