Learn to tell a story by telling your story

I enjoy Instagram. It brings me back to the days of film and shooting with a Holga or Diana camera. For me to use Instagram is an instant feeling of joy, and I can shoot, process and publish an image pretty darn quick. 

I have been slow with embracing Instagram Stories. Then I found my self-starting to watch people's daily stories and to enjoy the format of digital storytelling.

So, I dove into telling my own stories. The first time was during an assignment to share the behind the scenes experience. I was then hooked on this new way to create and share a story.

I set a goal to walk 40,000 (20 miles) steps in one day. I set a day aside and decided to document it with Instagram stories. My only agenda was to accomplish 40,000 steps.

12 hours later, I returned home with mission accomplished and a 4-minute Instagram story. Sharing that story with friends was fun. Then I kept thinking about how I could have done a better job with telling my story of accomplishing all those steps. I did not create storyboards or a theme beforehand or during the day. 

I just went with the flow. For example, half the video is making coffee when the story was about my day's activities and especially about my walk. There were places I visited I did not document. I do remind myself my goal was just to have an adventure and walk all those steps, not to be perfect on telling my daily story. I admit I want to do this again and document it differently with more thought on the actual story I am sharing.

I am convinced learning to create a story on the fly is a fascinating way to find out how to tell a story better. Being able to build and capture a story on the fly is very beneficial while on an assignment. As a visual artist, you are telling stories with photography and video covering events, weddings, family portraits, sports and many other corporate and commercial assignments. 

You should spend a day and create a story by documenting your day. Watch it at the end of the day and see how successful you were at telling your story. If you don't walk 20 miles, your feet should feel better than mine did.

Then ask yourself, how can you improve your story telling with your next video? Also, how will you approach your assignments with still photography and video story telling?