Sharing Behind the Scenes - What I Will Learn

I am striving to break some of my personal and business habits this year by breaking old patterns and replacing with what I want to experience and accomplish in my life. I just completed two books on habits by Charles Duhigg that have been very insightful on this journey I am taking. I highly recommend these two books.

I have always enjoyed helping others succeed with their photography business as a friend or photography business coach. Moreover, at times, even businesses outside of visual artistry have sought my advice. One new habit I am working on is sharing behind the scenes storytelling through my blog and as a video. The larger goal is to share more of my knowledge I have learned in 25 years as a professional photographer and entrepreneur to a bigger audience.

There is a ton to gain out of having a side project like documenting yours behind the scenes action. During an assignment, there may be down times. I am now filling that space with documenting my experience and not just sitting around chatting or Facebooking and Instagramming. This assignment was the first time I began using the Instagram Stories feature. It was amusing, and I used some of those clips in this video. 

What I will (and possibly you) gain out of sharing behind the scenes experiences:

  1. To document the making of our projects for my historical records
  2. Learn to multitask better as I tell the behind the scenes story and not letting it interfere with the actual assignment, which is why I am there
  3. Educate and entertain visual artists and clients on what goes on behind the scenes
  4. I do experience being vulnerable as I am sharing how I operate behind the scenes and feel judged. Though this comes back to creating more self-worth and self-love for me
  5. I experience the feeling of just not having enough time and postponing completing the video and blog
  6. I Then realize it is something I want to do, and I have much to gain from it that outweighs the prognostication and not taking action
  7. Every time I create these behind the scenes video, I get better at telling a story and telling my own story
  8. I feel more confidence in my abilities as a visual storyteller
  9. These videos will help to create more revenue by attracting new clients
  10. It shows potential clients how I work and insight into my personality

Stretching yourself into an uncomfortable zone is a good sign that you are growing and good things will come your way. What stretches have you or will you do this month?

I also posted this video on my Indermaur Media blog with the client in mind if you want to see how I approach behind the scenes to share with customers.