What are your Accomplishments?

Blossoming year.jpg

When a year comes to an end, I find photographers focus on the big assignment they didn't get, the sales goals they didn't make, or the equipment they were unable to purchase, among other things. That negative chatter can really pull a person down, starting their new year with the emotional feeling of "lack" from which to build upon.

With the new year, many people focus on new year resolutions. Out with the old and in with the new. How about focusing on building off of your 2017 successes?

For example, write out all the beautiful things you experienced in 2017. It’s likely you’ll find plenty!

Here is an example:

  1. My sales were in the best they’ve been in the last 10 years.
  2. I expanded my video services and created more videos than in past years.
  3. I traveled to about 10 states and I felt joy with that journey.
  4. I created a heartfelt personal project.
  5. I built up more confidence in my video skills.
  6. I had an amazing vacation with my family and felt more connected with them.
  7. I ran my first 5k and felt a sense of accomplishment

Yes, add some personal feelings and accomplishments in there. A strong positive feeling, based on the non-business part of your life will always attract more positive business experiences in 2018. Take all the positive feeling and focus on how that feels.

Close your eyes. And go down your list. Feel those positive emotions and realize #1 may feel very different than #7. Now bask in your glow of your positivity and find ways to keep feeling those positive feelings.