Why I Create Personal Photography Projects

 Carlton SooHoo- The energy of self-love surrounds me and while most of the warmth and comfort elated from within, there were moments when I felt that energy was available externally, and I reached for it, it was available. The tight, stark enclosed enclosure helped me to focus more intently on my self-love as it removed distraction and permitted a deeper focus on myself.
     I felt self-love was a more inward directed focus but at times, the love emanated forth from within and I felt body postures that were more outward directed. 
     The energy of self-love was something akin to how the tide ebbs and flows lapping at the shores edge. I felt my self-love pulse back and forth in me, inward and outward.

When I was in college I listened to a newspaper photojournalist speak to our class and he mentioned how important it is to work on personal projects. At the time I didn’t understand that comment because everything I photographed felt like a personal project. It was all new to me.

As my career blossomed I deeply experienced a feeling that I needed to create a meaningful personal project. I came up with the project REVEALED. From there I realized how much growth, joy, and accomplishment I get from personal projects. It fires up my passion for photography.

Recently a friend asked me what my next personal project will be about and when I will be working on it. I responded that I had nothing in the works. She then proceeds to tell me she looks forward to my next project because when I dive into one I talk about it with such passion and share that. This was a wonderful reminder that I’m due for another personal project and to feel that deep passion again.

I typically create personal projects to learn more about myself. While it is a creative exercise it also allows me to grow my photography skills, and I learn more about myself within these projects. With REVEALED I was exploring my own spirituality and as my subjects explored their expression of spirituality, their process deepened my own work.

SELF LOVE was another personal photography project where I had the same experience. It became an opportunity to not only explore Self Love personally but to gain a deeper understanding from my subjects.

I feel video and photography Personal Projects are necessary for creatives. It allows yourself to explore new technical techniques and learn more about yourself and be your own client.

What type of project will you dive into this year? I have already dove into my first 2018 photography personal project. I can’t wait to see what I learn from it creatively and personally.