Photography Enthusiasts Can Shine

Photography Coach

Photography coaches are a wonderful asset for people who are not full-time professional photographers. In my travels, I meet so many people with different careers. They love photography, and I am surprised in many cases that they've invested in professional DSLR cameras and lenses. They photograph the things that feed their heart and soul.

These Enthusiasts have no intention of becoming a full-time photographer, but they are in an excellent position to learn more and grow their creative vision. I feel joy when I hear how people love to take photographs and they are also into the technical stuff. All because they genuinely love creating visuals.

For many, there’s a shift when the love of photography becomes a full-time career. It is a different process and feeling when photography becomes a business vs. a hobby. As a professional photographer, I feel I have the best job ever. I travel, take excellent photographs, continually challenging and growing my skill set, fully enjoy creating video content production, and all the creative juices that flow around this also feeds my heart and soul. Most of that energy is directed at making my clients happy, and running a successful business. In both cases, I find creating visuals very rewarding.

Recently I had a pleasant conversation with someone who loves their non-photography career. While enjoying nature walks, they capture their experiences with a DSLR camera and love creating new visuals. Being creative is essential and they were seeking the best way to level up their creative visual skillset.

What A Photography Coach Can Do For You
This is when a good photography and video coach can step in. Working with a coach with decades of experience, who uses a wide variety of technical tools, allows me to share all the tricks and skills I use in photography and video with clients every day. Sharing the most effective ways to:

  • display and share photos on social media, or

  • create websites that can capture and display a client's unique style, or

  • choose the best software tools for editing and retouching, tagging, cataloguing and processing visuals, and

  • digital asset management, can all enhance a hobbyists approach and enjoyment of their photography art.

A photography coach can also become an accountability partner to push your visual abilities, vision and stay on track with your goals. Then you'll be able to blossom into creating what you want create.