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 Me as an accountability partner and mentor

As a professional creative Visual Narrative Storyteller, I have been able to design a business that I deeply enjoy every day. I have overcome my own self doubts in order to manifest a successful photography and video career. When you work with me, we will discover where your passions lie and create an action plan to support this. By understanding how to plant seeds for the short and long-term, you will be able to follow through with your desired business growth and develop strong client relationships.


Photography and Video Business Crew


I am equally passionate about creativity as I am about the business side of photography and video. When we work together, we will identify the limiting beliefs that hold you back and create an action plan that achieves the career you desire - whether it be corporate, wedding, commercial, fine-art and/or family portrait photography and video. Break the feast or famine assignment/cashflow cycle by promoting your work and increase your confidence. I enjoy helping people create an amazing career, and my approach is from the heart. Each coaching session will be tailored to your needs.

Equipment for a video and photo project


The wide variety of business applications can make choosing the right tools for your unique business overwhelming. We'll work together to choose the best platforms to efficiently build your business and expand your customer base. With this strong foundation you can more easily level up your business and increase your sales.

Revealed - Jen T. - La Paloma


I believe it is essential to work on Personal Projects. While they are creative exercises, they will allow you to grow your visual skills and learn about yourself. Video and Photography personal projects are necessary for creatives in this field, and I look forward to what project you create.

Positive Photography's crew

Surround yourself with more positivity

Creating a team that supports your success is critical. You may only need a photography or video assistant, or a more specialized team to assist you. A positive team will collaborate and support your work while creating an engaging environment that produces an excellent final product.