Scott strongly feels one's success with his/her business and personal self worth expands with every self project. 


Upon examining my relationship with my own spirituality, I wanted to learn how other people connect with their sense of self. My intentions were to photograph spirituality from a non-literal perspective. I wanted to peel back the layers of traditional spirituality and focus on the individual’s personal essence.

I presented my subjects with a small wooden box and asked them in advance of the photography session to bring items that represented their spiritual experience in which to fill the space. The concept of identity and the awareness of a higher existence quickly evolved into a vessel of self-exploration and quiet confession. I soon discovered that my subjects shared far more … the works I am selecting for publication illustrate my subjects’ responses to the project, as well as the inadvertent disclosures of their most subtle hopes and fears.

What I find to be most interesting is the profound effect this project has had on so many of my subjects. Given the opportunity to look within, many experienced a journey that took them much deeper than their initial inner self-examination, which revealed undiscovered truths about themselves. I asked my subjects to reflect upon their responses through essays, which accompany their portraits.


In search of understanding and expanding my own Self Love, I created a project to explore how others define their own self love. We created sacred space to allow them to feel and project their own self love. The portrait "captions" contains their written definition of their own self love as they experienced at the time of these portraits.

Inner Depth

Over the course of several years, I've taken a journey within – helping me discover more of who I am personally and creatively.  I've created several projects exploring the depths of the inner self, both mine and yours.  As these projects were created, I realized I could capture and project emotion and spirituality through photography.  This process changed who I am, and along the way, changed my subjects and others as well. This series of creative photography displays the depth and breadth of our own spirituality, emotional journey, and along with the paradoxical truth that we are all connected.


For me, Instagram replaced using a vintage plastic film camera with an iPhone. While I'm not a big fan of photographing landscapes, my iPhone fills that void and I tend to fully enjoy landscape photography when taken with my iPhone and Instagram. For me it is about being in the moment and instant gratification.