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  • My online workshops I am developing to assist in leveling up your photography business. Designed for experienced photographers to part-time warriors wanting to take that leap to become a full-time photographer. This will be designed with corporate, commercial, wedding and portrait photographers in mind.
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  • I am always up for hearing your ideas and please contact me if you would like me to be your guest speaker or to teach a workshop.

Ongoing Workshop


This workshop is ongoing and can easily be created for your class, group or corporate retreat. The workshop starts with an open discussion about people sharing what they believe in. As we go deeper, participants continue to explore and share more about themselves and their beliefs. Each participant is given a cardboard REVEALED box. They are then asked to decorate and fill their box with items that represent their essence, what they believe in and their spirituality. They also write a simple essay. I then photograph their REVEALED Class portrait. The class typically ends with participants sharing their process.