Building Relationships with your Photography Business Clients

Many of us may know it costs less to maintain a client than to find a new client. Building a multimedia business based on developing strong client relationships and delivering client-centric solutions will always allow for a stronger business foundation. There is nothing better than a return client or a happy client that refers you.

I’m asked, how do I market Indermaur Media. And the #1 Marketing tool for finding multimedia clients is building relationships with my clients. Whenever I meet a potential client, I am always looking at a long term business relationship. I do that with a few critical tasks in mind:

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Building Your Business Skillset - Small Business Career Coaching Opportunity

As a professional photographer or videographer, what do you do to innovate and build growth plans to create a successful business? There’s always something new to learn on the creative side, but even more critical is the business side of a visually based business.

I recently graduated from the 6th cohort of Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Businesses at CCRI. I applied for the no-cost 12-week program which helps small businesses grow through practical business education, increased access to capital, and a support network of advisers and peers.

Initially, I felt both excited and apprehensive about exposing my life’s work and business to other businesses. The cohort consisted of 24 business owners throughout…

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Photography Enthusiasts Can Shine

Photography coaches are a wonderful asset for people who are not full-time professional photographers. In my travels, I meet so many people with different careers. They love photography, and I am surprised in many cases that they've invested in professional DSLR cameras and lenses. They photograph the things that feed their heart and soul.

These hobbyists have no intention of becoming a full-time photographer, but they are in an excellent position to learn more and grow their creative vision. I feel joy when I hear how people love to take photographs and they are also into the technical stuff. All because they genuinely love creating visuals.

For many, there’s a shift when the love of photography becomes a full-time career.

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