Get a FitBit and Become More Succesful

I am all about building relationships and connections with family, friends, clients, and vendors. I am not one for walking around networking events handing out my business card, having a 60-second conversation and then moving on to the next person.

I would meet one inspiring and entertaining individual and then talk with them throughout the entire event. Alternatively, maybe I will meet ten amazing people. Authentic connections, friendships, and experiences are more important to me than superficial chatting. I may get an assignment from them, and I may not. It does not matter. At the end of the day, I just want to have a full life filled with great adventures and connections. The work will emerge out of real connections, not the quick handshakes and business card handouts. Valuable connections and friendships can develop through activities as simple as a FitBit.

For years I debated about getting a FitBit. I have always wanted to get more fit, but the gym never worked for me. I love technology, and I value an accountability partner. So, earlier this year Fitbits were on sale. I debated about getting it for over a week. Then a friend reminded me that I do not hesitate to go out with friends and drop $100 on dinner and drinks. That $75 FitBit should be a no-brainer and just get it. So, I bought it at REI because they have a great return policy. 

I would say it is one of the best purchases I made this year. I went out and bought a nicer model after a month. Crazy, I know. I did not realize how many friends, clients and business associates I know that already utilize FitBit. So, I started connecting with customers, as well as friends and vendors on FitBit. 

I now am connected with friends around the world, and we are doing weekly/daily challenges, and it is a blast. I am also connecting with clients on a more personal level, which I love to do. Also, I just ran my first 5k and had dropped 20 pounds because of many changes in my life the past few months. FitBit has been a big part of that formula mostly because of my accountability to my FitBit friends. One reason is I find that my friends are outpacing me for the day and I head out and get more steps in than I normally would in the past. It is motivating personally and interpersonally.

So, go out, get a FitBit. Connect with your friends, clients, and family on a health level. Maybe your virtual walking partner will become your next biggest client. If not, you will have fun and get more fit.